The Completed Painting

January 8, 2023 - I sometimes get asked, “how do you know when a painting is finished?” It’s a hard question, because it’s hard to know when something you’ve been working diligently on is actually finished. Things could keep getting finessed and tweaked for ever. I usually answer that a painting is finished when the things I’m doing to...

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The Costumier The Costumier
Odyssey Odyssey
Aloof Aloof
Fortitude Fortitude
Confinement Confinement
The Gathering The Gathering
Solo Solo
Grace Grace
Brood Brood
Miracle 2 Miracle 2
Glare 2 Glare 2
Rejection Rejection
Fast Supper Fast Supper
Narcissus Narcissus
Pilgrimage Pilgrimage
The Ally The Ally