The Completed Painting

January 8, 2023 - I sometimes get asked, “how do you know when a painting is finished?” It’s a hard question, because it’s hard to know when something you’ve been working diligently on is actually finished. Things could keep getting finessed and tweaked for ever. I usually answer that a painting is finished when the things I’m doing to...

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Fortitude Fortitude
The Gathering The Gathering
The Costumier The Costumier
The Temptation of Faust The Temptation of Faust
Grace Grace
Rejection Rejection
Confinement Confinement
The Ally The Ally
Brood Brood
Odyssey Odyssey
Solo Solo
Aloof Aloof
Miracle 2 Miracle 2
Narcissus Narcissus
Glare 2 Glare 2
Pilgrimage Pilgrimage