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Most of the pieces you see here on my Moonlighting website have either been sold already at exhibitions or galleries or as commissioned works, or in some cases they will be part of a future exhibition. But don’t worry! If there’s something you like then let me know – whether it’s the light, colour, story or all three that catch your eye, I can either do something similar or something completely new for you. Contact me with your idea. I often also have work available at the Zimmerman Gallery in Palmerston North.

Alternatively, you may prefer a commissioned portrait. Again, you can contact me with your ideas. For portraits, a personal meeting is usually a good first step to get a good feel for inspiration, style and preferences – I need to know who I’m painting! That meeting leads to a sitting, during which I set up the lighting I need, then take a series of photos to help me with the painting process.

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