December News

Lately I’ve been experimenting again. (That usually means the output rate drops and the finished product is unpredictable.) The urge to experiment came while I was listening to Brian Wilson’s remarkable album, “Smile”. The album essentially showcases the man’s genius in composing rich and layered harmonies in a way that mere mortals ought to find impossible. It reminded me of a tangent I once headed off on to see if it might be possible to create some visual equivalent of an aural harmony. The idea was to see if you could use light, colour and composition as visual substitutes for the mathematical relationships of aural harmonies (ie harmonics), to achieve a similar emotional response.

I never did get very far that first time, and although I have done better this time (in that I will at least complete the painting!), the dream still remains elusive. My effort this time has been to¬†apply composition and colour “echoes” to see what effect they might have. I’ll post the finished product on the website here soon once it’s done. While the holy grail of visual harmonics still waits out there somewhere to be discovered (if it exists at all), the painting has been a fun diversion nevertheless, and a good lesson in colour. Of course you should judge for yourself…

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