Spring News

The warm weather seems to be arriving at last, and with it the September-October edition of New Zealand Artist magazine has also arrived. NZ Artist is still fairly new, but it is a welcome addition to the art scene here. It’s fresh and showcases a diverse range of talents and styles, providing inspiration, ideas and colour, without the apparent elitism and aloofness that sometimes creeps into some other art commentary that’s out on the streets. Thanks also to NZ Artist magazine for featuring me and some of my work in this latest edition. You can visit the magazine’s website:¬†www.thenzartist.co.nz

Meanwhile, and after what seems like a long Winter of working and re-working the canvas, I have completed my latest piece, which I have called “Aloof”. With Aloof I have tried to capture opulence with detachment, enrichment with decay and neglect, self perfection with remoteness, within an overall other-worldly and surreal aesthetic. Enjoy!

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