Summer News

During February I’m very pleased to be the feature artist at the Zimmerman Gallery in Palmerston North. Included in the range of my work on display are two large companion pieces, “Stand” and “Advance”, which you can see here on the website.

I developed these two pieces from earlier concepts for a private commission. They are companion pieces in that they are recognisably of a similar theme in a similar setting, and they are the same size. But I have set out to have them both convey different sensations. I selected the colour palette for each to be highly vibrant and striking, but also unique – they are not historical depictions. The composition for each character is different: “Stand” shows an alert and defensive posture, while “Advance” shows a deliberate charge forward. In this way, with their individual compositions and colour palettes, each piece conveys a different response to the same stimulus – which is the stimulus of being challenged or threatened in some way. And my intent is to convey not only two different possible responses (or choices), but also to convey them with two different feelings or moods.

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