Winter News

This year so far I’ve been working mainly on portraits, so recently it was time for something a bit different. One of the colour combinations that had become stuck in my mind was bright red and white, and I was starting to notice it in different places. It also made me recall an earlier piece I had done involving red lilies shot through with some intruding white potato vine flowers (or some such thing – I’m not much of a gardener). I decided to revisit the striking combination, but in a way that would involve a figure and more of a story. As I envisaged how a figure in red and white might appear, the concept of St George came to mind. I decided to run with the idea. All that was left was to make the slayed dragon into something a little less literal and more allegorical. That of course leaves it up to some interpretation, and soon after the painting was finished someone asked me if it was supposed to be an allegory of the Brexit. (The answer is no, but hey, if the shoe fits….)

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