First Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first Moonlighting blog. A few tweaks to the website mean that it’s now easier to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on. And it’s now easier for you to share whatever you like too, with the addition of some links to your favourite social networking sites.

The next event on my horizon is the NZ Art Show in Wellington, 28-31 July. I’ve recently completed the piece “Pilgrimage”, which you can see here, and which will be at the Art Show. Pilgrimage has a little fun with the religious fervour of the Rugby World Cup, and uses biblical “3 wise men” iconography typical of 16th and 17th Century art, and in this painting rugby itself becomes divine and is nursed on the knee of a Kiwi Madonna. Another piece that will be at the show is “Attachment”, which is a favourite ¬†piece I will be a little sorry to see go – and for those who have asked out of concern, no it is not¬†autobiographical! Get along to the show if you can – it’s always worth a look and it gets better each year.


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