40cm x 40cm. Oil on canvas.

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  1. […] Artist: Andrew Moon Moon’s artwork does tend to be pretty overt, and it is taken from an old master, Caravaggio, who, himself, talked about some pretty heavy things, and painted in a highly dramatic style.  This work, and most of Moon’s work discusses, domestic life, and the world we now find ourselves in. The genius of Moon’s work is in the fact that it is easily relateable to our society as it is now, but also humourous, and makes you think for a moment “nah bro, that isn’t how it is”, that is, until you look again, and realise that you are so recognisable in these images, that at one time or another you have acted like this, behaved like that, that you actually are like this. So in their comic nature, they bear a truth that we can only agree to when it is put to us in a humourous way. The same way that comedians make their jokes work for us. We laugh at ourselves, because it is put in a way that we can recognise ourselves, but can deny, for at least a moment, that we do have some recognition in what is said, or portrayed. And it is the obsurdity of what we are made out to be coupled with the fact we have denied for a moment that is how we are, that makes these works so true and eye opening.  […]

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